Jr. dev job search: there’s gotta be a better way.

4 min readMar 12, 2021

After a career change into the software development industry and graduating the Lambda School program, I am diving into the ever-dreaded job search.

While there are thousands, maybe millions of tech related jobs available at some extremely interesting companies in groundbreaking industries, the job search is oddly frustrating in an age and industry where user experience/user interface is the cat’s pajamas.

It’s hard to find a shareable image of a cat in pajamas, but here is Thor, the Patriot Cat. Photo: Don Graham

A few common problems with the “Jr. Javascript Developer” job search (which I’m sure extends into other languages and industries as well):

1. Everyone wants a senior developer, while available jr developer jobs are few and far between.

This is a pretty classic issue, having been an entry level worker on multiple occasions in multiple industries its always frustrating seeing starting positions require multiple years of experience.

  • Interesting to note: while talking to a hiring manager with experience in both listing jobs and hiring staff, they told me that job positions are often over-credentialed, so that hiring managers have a legal out in case they don’t like someone for any reason. If someone applies for a position and the hiring manager dismisses their application without cause, a legal minefield pops up, where the candidate can pursue discrimination cases depending on their levels of diversity.
  • However, if someone applies and does not match the job listing (i.e. doesn’t have 9 years React experience despite it only being 8 years old), then the hiring manager has built in cause they can point to regardless of their true motives.

2. Erroneous job listings

Oh you’re a new web developer looking for a javascript position? Maybe you’d like to be a real estate developer? Do you want to be a construction worker? Have you considered being a Jr. Power Trader? If you do internet stuff that means you have experience in electricity markets (and more broadly, natural gas), right?


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